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Introducing our Cold Cloud, the fuel for our nitro cold brew

Introducing our Cold Cloud, the fuel for our nitro cold brew

What is the difference between cold brew and nitro cold brew?  

The transformative bubbles, of course. Nitro cold brew coffee is an effervescent, flavorful experience entirely different from cold brew itself, which is rich and delicious but with a very different flavor and still texture. Imparting a creamy texture and sweet taste to the coffee, the defining bubbles are nothing short of magic.

Typically, in a café environment, their presence comes from a behind-the-scenes nitrogen or nitrous oxide canister that integrates with the chilled on-tap coffee, changing its texture. With Cumulus, however, there's no need for the gas canister—our bubbles exist thanks to our patent-pending Cold Cloud technology, which is built into the machine itself. 

Nitro cold brew, Illustrations by Ivy Tai

What is nitro cold brew? 

Nitro cold brew is an extraordinary beverage that integrates cold brew coffee with nitrogen-created microbubbles, resulting in a unique, effervescent consistency. It is designed to be enjoyed without ice (and via the Cumulus Machine, it emerges at the perfect chilled temperature) so as not to disrupt the tiny bubbles as they work their magic throughout the glass. 

And are the bubbles in the nitro from the Cold Cloud? 

Yes—the Cold Cloud is that misty dispersion of extraordinarily fine bubbles, the ones that are present in the nitro cold brew. And when we say fine, we mean that: the bubbles are so tiny they are barely visible! Less than half the size of a single human hair. A fraction of an iPhone pixel. To the naked eye, we don't see them as bubbles but as color, texture, and motion in the glass. 

The impression is reminiscent of cream dancing across the tongue.

So, how is the Cold Cloud created? 

Using a blend of art, science, and a bit of magic, our Cold Cloud is generated through a special process involving intense pressure, speed, and motion. In simple terms, it harnesses nitrogen from the air we breathe and introduces it to highly pressurized liquid, resulting in this remarkable creation. 

But isn't that basically carbonation? 

Glad you asked—no, it's very different. For one, carbonation doesn't work so well with coffee. The carbonation process is inherently acidic, which isn't the best partner for extracting its best flavor from most coffee blends. It is a much better match for the fizzy drinks we already know and love, like seltzer, champagne, and beer. 

Carbonation vs Nitrogenation

What makes the Cold Cloud bubbles special? 

They are miniature and can shrink down even further as they are introduced to the cold, highly pressurized liquid. They remain tiny and durable and are buoyant in the glass—this is wildly entertaining, as they appear to levitate. When the glass moves, they cascade, drifting with the currents in the glass; when you take a sip, bubbly waves develop as they recirculate through the coffee. 

Do they taste good? 

YES. This is the best part about our magical Cold Cloud bubbles and the defining factor of cold brew vs nitro cold brew. This slurry of fine bubbles is actually thick and creamy. Although the foam is ultra-fine, the bubbles themselves adhere to each other, the glass, and our mouths for an enveloping thick feel and ultra-creamy sensation. The impression is reminiscent of cream dancing across the tongue. Velvety and delicious, it amplifies the sweet notes of the coffee; a marvel of physics, nitro cold brew is a beverage unlike any other.